30th Mercury Retrograde .

For those on vacations enjoy, of the year marketplaces are like viewing color dry this time around. Will be back in singapore second week of September, till markets will be mice play then. For all those trading cut your volume and become cautious. For both August and Sept Astrological times. 30th Mercury retrograde .. Careful trading double check orders.

1st solar eclipse very negative. 16th lunar eclipse very negative. Is actually a bottom. 22th Mercury goes direct. 23th Venus into Scorpio bankruptcies over the next 3 months will explode. As use the above mentioned as an indication to your own work always. Sunday 13th of August will post up some small companies astrological forecaste which I do After. Thank you to the Hedge individual and Fund who’ve allowed this to be public, at there cost. It’s will be up to you to decide if it’s a financial investment for you or please seek advice on them.

  • Premium of Medical Insurance
  • Select an IRA Custodian
  • SembCorp Marine
  • I experienced 9 shares with a dividend yield higher than the historical high dividend yield,
  • Attached one family homes

In thinking about contagion, I always point to all the occasions of the recent times which the overall economy has either used stride, or turned out have only small long-term impact. Long-Term Capital’s collapse, S&L turmoil, 9/11, Enron’s collapse, Refco’s collapse, Barrings Bank or investment company, etc. A few of these things were pretty bad at that time (S&L especially) but none of these events had a materials impact on the economy’s long-term trend. So this becomes a little like asking how much insurance in the event you buy?

How much should we hamper the overall economy to safeguard against disasters that are not so disastrous in any case? The Alltel LBO or How Often IS ONE ABLE TO Blogger be Wrong? So after several posts where I presented carefully crafted analysis, as it happens I was wrong on Alltel. Can’t say if the make-whole possibility is within play or not right now. I’m hearing the 5-yr issue about 50 wider at the open. More in this space as it develops. Or within a couple days in any case. Hey, I’m a occupied guy. 1 billion to take on Chrysler’s legacy costs.

Daimler is legally obliged to guarantee all of Chrysler’s debts (even post deal), and the prevailing thought is that the majority of Chrysler/DaimlerChrysler bonds shall be retired through a make-whole call. It might be that some short bonds are simply allowed to mature. Even if Daimler leaves some DCX bonds outstanding, the thought would be that the new Daimler shall earn a rankings upgrade in to the middle/high A variety.

Anyway, DCX bonds are gapping tighter. Kudos if you own their old 100-yr bond. 68 billion in new personal debt, but if I’m reading the situation right, that might be almost all high-rated ABS. Therefore the amount of debt on Chrysler’s books post transaction could be quite low indeed. Its a nifty twist on the traditional LBO model.

Instead of fabricating new liabilities (by levering up) and paying the old owners a hefty sum for his or her company, Cerberus gets profit exchange when planning on taking on existing liabilities actually. The economics aren’t that different, but its interesting nonetheless. Sallie Mae: The political risk encircling SLM Corp is increasing by the day. I had pegged the political risk relating to this offer as low when it was originally announced.

I really thought hopes for a politics roadblock to this deal was wishful thinking on the part of bond holders. But it looks like the “affordable university” issue plus the burgeoning kickback scandal in the student loan industry has ramped up the politics risk here. The marketplace seems to be giving the likelihood of this deal dropping appart at least some weight.