Three Prominent Scientists Bury Darwinism

Peter Robinson for the Hoover Institute interviews three researchers — David Berlinski, David Gelernter, and Stephen Meyer — and they talk about why Darwinism is false. Berlinski and Meyer have both written books (here, here, here, and here) and Gelernter just announced his own departure within an article in the Claremont Overview of Books (here), that you should read. The Bible teaches creation, and that’s sufficient, but it is heartening to hear from these men. Being a disclaimer, they keep mentioning hundreds of thousands and vast amounts of years. It seems like incrementalism via Meyer.

However, if someone admits design, than Whoever the Designer could do what we see and know, He can also get it done in any manner He selects. As an aside Gelernter was one of the victims of the Unabomber in 1993, disabling his right hand and right eye completely. AFTER I was younger, I watched Star Trek. That’s not an endorsement. With Star Trek, I recall all the various fictional aliens coming with different dialects. Some of these aliens were advanced beyond humans and got more complex languages that humanity could not understand even. People were fine with that basic idea.

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There is a code, a language, very complex, that precedes every creature on earth. We can start to see the difficulty from it, and we can not interpret it. It’s beyond us as a vocabulary, but it is there. God wrote that language. That language at least tells us of a Designer who must be God.

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