About Half An Hour Into Flight Time

Since the onward and return flight on Jetstar is the same, I am only heading to examine one calf of the airline flight. The check-in counters for Jetstar is located in the midsection of Terminal 1 in Singapore Changi Airport. There was a long queue for those who did not opt for online check-in, there is also a queue for looking at in for those who has opted for online check in.

Today seems to be always a busy day for outbound Jetstar plane tickets. Despite the masses at the check-in counters, checking in are being done in a speedy manner. The ongoing service by the bottom personnel was very standard, the staffs seem to be endeavoring to do their job and clear as many passengers as is possible. There was almost no smiles given by the ground personnel, however they didn’t forget to remind us the boarding gate and the boarding time. As we were boarding the airplane, the airline flight attendants greeted us much like the other airliners.

The budget airlines run on the single class A320 for this airline flight to Phuket. The one aisle 3-3 construction boasts a seat pitch calculating 28 in (or 71 cm), which is sufficient for me. However for someone taller, the seat pitch may be a little too tight. The leather seat recline however, not too much slightly, because of the tight space between seats. There is the standard tray table which appears to be smaller than that on a complete edge airliner. There are also no in-flight entertainment system with this flight as such there’s no IFE handles. The seat controls are only limited by a button that controls the recline of the seat.

The chair pocket onboard is located at the top of the chairs, instead of the usual close to the bottom of the seat. Which means that few things can be positioned onto the seat pocket and the placement makes it a tad hard to dig deep into the seat pocket.

Inside the seat pocket is a Jetstar newspaper that presents their products and moreover the locations they fly to the typical aircraft safety cards and a menu of products and food Jetstar offers onboard. The lavatory onboard seemed to be a tad smaller, not too sure if this is because of the need to cramp more people onboard the 180-seat capacity aircraft. Regardless of the tightness, the lavatory still will its function to be a toilet. As with most full-fledge airliners, Jetstar has only hand soap in the lavatory and some vomit bags stowed in the compartments below the sink.

Since this is a budget airline, neither in-flight meals nor entertainment were present. About half an hour into air-travel time, attendants were seen on offer delivering foods to people who bought foods when they purchased their air-seat tickets. A little later, air attendants were seen increasing and down the aisle with their trolley selling snacks to travelers who didn’t purchase meals when buying their seat tickets. Other then that, air travel attendants were no where you can be seen apart at the start of the air travel where safety demonstrations are to be shown manually. Jetatar delivers what it promises in its business model, getting travelers from point A to point B. For a brief flight of under 2 hours, Jetstar does the job. For longer flights However, it could be a tad uncomfortable. As this is a budget carrier, frills such as food, drinks, and entertainment, even service is non-existence, even for baggage check-ins. Jetstar is comfortable for a short trip still.

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