Adam Markus: Graduate Admissions Guru: 2/1/09

Cutler is the new Director of MBA Admissions and SCHOOL FUNDING. Since 2007, J.J. has been President of Lindi Skin, a start-up offering skin care products created for people with cancer specifically. On this role, he developed a strategic vision and positioned the Lindi Skin brand successfully, securing national media coverage and expanding the city of healthcare professionals sensitive to the skincare needs of cancer patients.

He has offered as Senior Vice President of Marketing for ARAMARK Healthcare’s North American group and spent seven years in a number of tasks at Johnson & Johnson. Among other obligations, he handled over-the-counter brands; oversaw new market development for a variety of persistent immune-mediated inflammatory diseases;, and helped create Canyon Seven, a wellness business developed together with Canyon Ranch Health Resorts.

While at Johnson & Johnson, he won the exclusive “Standards of Leadership” prize for his work in building an MBA recruiting strategy for Wharton. J.J. has deep origins in the Penn community. He earned his B.A. Communications from the College (School of Arts and Sciences) and his MBA in Operations Management and Strategic Management.

While at Wharton, he served as a student advisor to the Academic Affairs office and a teaching associate for the undergraduate Marketing 101 course. The first “J.” stands for Jonathan, by the real way. As he entered PENN undergrad in 1989, he could be the age group 38 approximately. As you can tell from the above, no atom is had by him experience but is involved Wharton alum clearly.

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  • 2 X 100% = 31. 9%
  • Research the Hustles inside your Area
  • Better Equipment Reliability

I believe that it is very interesting that the Wharton approach was to employ someone without preceding admissions experience. It is also interesting that they didn’t promote someone internally. While I will not predict a shake up in their admissions processes for Fall 2010 yet, I would not be surprised to see one coming. CA: How might the admissions process at Wharton change under your tenure? Are you experiencing any plans to do things in different ways than your forerunner? JC: Yes. For a while we are right in the middle of round two, so there is nothing going to change today. And I am a few weeks into the job just, therefore I think it’s premature to make changes right away.

Longer term, I really do think that invention is a hallmark of Wharton’s curriculum and a hallmark of the way in which we view all of our processes, including admissions and financial aid. Going forward, we will be looking for innovative ways to entice the right candidates, as well concerning be innovative in conditions of the transparency of our process. You want to continue to arm prospective applicants with the various tools they have to provide us with the best applications they can. To that final end, we shall continue to provide opportunities for students to come tour our campus, to sit in on classes.

And we’ll look for innovative ways to expand on these offerings. And we’ll also be going out and doing global presentations about Wharton so that applicants around the globe know what we have to offer. THEREFORE I do think that there are a lot of ways we will continue to be innovative. But in the short-term, for rounds two and three of the year, we will continue with the process as it currently exists.