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Don’t Sweat It: Your Post-Workout Beauty Woes, Solved! By Kylie Gilbert | 2 years agoTop trainers finally expose the best water- and workout-proof makeup items which actually endure to a full day of sweat. By Joshua Zeichner, MD Here’s how to deal.

Exfoliating is vital to brighten and slough away inactive cells, but it ought to be super-gentle – not harsh – because you don’t want to damage or rip that delicate epidermis. MyChelle makes amazing vegan products, with my all-time favorite being the MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub. I’m about those enzymes. The fruits scrub clarifies and polishes with jojoba beads and dissolving enzymes to remove built-up debris and dulling residue. Yes, please. Per week I use this 1-2 times.

I absolutely love love love the Clarisonic Mia to deeply clean and exfoliate but once more, I must be cautious – it can be a little tough for my pores and skin if I use it too often. Day If I’m having a good pores and skin, I don’t utilize it. Only if I had been wearing more makeup than typical or if I feel like I want a good scrub, then I’ll use it – probably once a week (always at night) but similar to once every other week.

It seems soooo simple afterward. Worth the investment Definitely. Last year I did a post on beauty products and mentioned this alcohol-free Thayer’s Rose Petal & Witch Hazel Toner, which I’m still obsessed with and use after cleansing. The soft formula calms skin, evens out build, soothes, and moisturizes with aloe vera.

I’ve considered it an absolute staple in my routine for a while now. Plus, it has the aroma of fresh roses and makes me happy. Whenever a blemish is noticed by me coming on or feel like I possibly could use just a little anti-bacterial action, I switch to a homemade 2-component toner made of fresh apple cider vinegar and filtered drinking water.

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This helps to balance the skin’s pH and gone any acne-causing bacteria. 1 part drinking water for a straightforward toner. Use this only at night unless you want to smell like vinegar! After my face is all fresh and c l e a n, I hydrate with Juice Beauty’s Organic Oil-Free Moisturizer.

It’s light-weight, absorbs super quick that I can appreciate (no greasy after-feel), smells yummy, and seems so soothing. Made with certified organic grape, pomegranate, calming aloe vera, vitamin supplements, antioxidants, & nutrient-rich sea algae (here we choose the algae again. ‘s certain to quench your skin-layer control oil. Finding a moisturizer that doesn’t dry out your skin layer but at the same time doesn’t leave it sticky/oily is challenging to find, but I’m so pleased with this moisturizer because my epidermis feels soft, smooth but never sticky. It’s designed for all skin types as it naturally balances your skin’s moisture levels but I think it is working especially well for my oily-prone skin.

The Juice Beauty products are amazinggggg. It’s no secret that I crave a natural, sun-kissed glow. I can’t help it. So I decide on a best-seller from Tarte. Everything from the Tate collection feels so luxurious to me, there’s just something about any of it. This formula for the face and body (don’t worry, it won’t cause breakouts) is named Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self-Tanner. Totally natural-looking, deep-bronze color, not just a hint of orange, smells good, works immediately almost, vegan.Do you already use any of these? What are your must-have and go-to-skin products?

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