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What much better than to leave the privileges to ones’ photographs with the inventor, permitting them to earn a living? Talenthouse, Microsoft, and Thomson Reuters Foundation are either intentionally – or, as one might hope, – seeking to disenfranchise women off their privileges unintentionally. Talenthouse writes: Photographers and photojournalists are invited to submit images capturing the lives and stories of remarkable women around the world, who are achieving incredible things in their communities. So, any professional photographer (female or male) that submits the images is at the mercy of an all-rights grand and demand, and whenever Talenthouse and/or their partners want copyright, must transfer copyright, even if they don’t win?

What’s interesting would be that the conditions for entry into the Talenthouse Airbnb competition state (HERE): DISCLAIMER: When you submit a work to Talenthouse as an entrance, you grant Talenthouse a limited permit to use your work. You own the copyright in your work always. Talenthouse is the owner of the copyright in your projects never. If you’re selected as successful, then in trade for a prize, you may be required to license or assign your work to the sponsor providing the award. If you don’t want to license to assign your work in trade for a prize, an alternate winner will be selected and you will retain the copyright to your work.

So, Talenthouse says “you always own the copyright in your projects. Talenthouse never owns the copyright in your projects.” No, “always” is incorrect. Not fast. Read further down: 7. Grant of Rights. Ignoring the whole paragraph except this, (the complete paragraph still is applicable, and is horrendous) any any all images inserted, upon demand of the sponsor, are required to be transferred to the sponsor.

  • Web address (if you have one)
  • Tirelli & Partners
  • 2x points on all the purchases
  • At Sephora, when the clerk requests the e-mail address on your accounts
  • James Robertson and Philip Cronje

So, the AirBnB contest, which, by the real way, day advertising company entails the storied Chiat, could hire a photographer to take work for AirBnB easily. Unfortunately, they are employing Talenthouse to produce spec work throughout the world, for free. That is where you cover all the expenses and aim for free and perhaps make money. Contests pit corporations earning money against the hopes and dreams of photographers who want to get exposure and succeed. The only winners here are Talenthouse and their sponsors.

It’s a facade for a rights grab. It’s horrible. Talenthouse is a creative parasite leeching the skill from entrants and leaving them without the possession of their work. Please, post your remarks by clicking the link below. If you questions, please pose them inside our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.