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Printing wirelessly to your printer using Bluetooth can be quite liberating. You will be able for connecting multiple devices concurrently to the printing device, be rid of unsightly wires and printing from much greater ranges. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that operates over the 2 2.45GHz regularity range and allows devices to communicate with one another wirelessly with no need for a type of sight.

Imagine seated in the living room with your laptop comfortably and printing to a computer printer in another room while your spouse designs from his/her laptop concurrently, sitting in another room yet! This is possible with Bluetooth technology. All you have to is a Bluetooth adapter for your printer (shown below) and Bluetooth ability for your laptop/pc/handheld device, which could be inbuilt or an attached USB dongle. Your printer may already be Bluetooth enabled so you might not have to buy a separate adapter. Bluetooth USB dongles are usually plug and play, meaning you merely plug them into any USB port and it can begin connecting to other Bluetooth devices immediately, no other setup required!

Follow these general steps to start printing to your printing device via Bluetooth. Your adapter or printing device may have more specialized instructions in their manuals that you should make reference to first. These steps may necessitate one to have the computer printer motorists set up already. 1. Connect your adapter to your convert and printer on your printing device. In case your printer is already Bluetooth enabled just turn it on.

2. Attach your Bluetooth dongle to your laptop/computer via USB port if your laptop does not have inbuilt capability. 3. Go to “Control Panel”, then “Bluetooth Devices” and choose the “Devices” Tab. Select “Add device” and run the wizard. You can also hook up to the printer automatically (less secure) by going to “Control Panel”, then “Bluetooth Devices”. Go to the “Options” tabs in “Bluetooth Devices” and make sure the “Turn finding on” and “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to the computer” check containers are both ticked. You may even check “Alert me when a Bluetooth device desires for connecting”.

With certain variations of Windows you can also go to “Printers and Faxes” in “Control Panel” then “Add Printer” and choose “Bluetooth Printer” and follow the steps. Several companies such as HP, Canon, and Belkin make Bluetooth printer adapters but each adapter may only work with certain printers (such as a limited range from the same company)!

For example the HP BT500 adapter only works with select HP printers so be sure you double check (browse the back again of the box, visit the ongoing company website etc, call customer care etc.). Bluetooth adapters have limited ranges according to the Bluetooth class also. A couple of three-Bluetooth classes; courses 1, 2 & 3 which have varying runs but Bluetooth printing device adapters will almost always be class one or two 2 that have a 100m and 10m range respectively.

So before buying your adapter make sure the number suits your preferences. Class 1-type adapters with 100m range may become more expensive significantly. One more thing to consider is that printing wirelessly via Bluetooth can be slower than printing with a USB cable although the difference will not be bothersome. Bluetooth 2.1 and 2.0 are faster than 1.0 and 1.1 (3MBps in comparison to 1MBps) and they’re all compatible with each other. If you have an all in a single printer (fax, scanning included) you will most probably only have the ability to use the printout function wirelessly rather than scanning or faxing!

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