How To BUILD A Website

We will set-up your site free. Because we make a few dollars from the webhost when you produce a website with them. That is paid by the webhost not you. Its our affiliate percentage for new customers that sign up and develop a website and use their hosting.

We would love to help you create your own website. Your site is your site address and used to find your site. One of the first things you need to think about when you build a website is exactly what the domain name will be. If you already have a small business and are thinking of making a website for your business on the website name should be the same as the business. If you are learning steps to make a website from damage you must give consideration to the website name you will choose.

It should be as brief as possible. People can tell what the website is about simply by reading the domain name. This website is about web development showing people how to make a website that’s why the domain is 2CreateAWebsites it has the words to make a website and folks will know it’s about learning how to create a website. Where will I get a domain name from?

You can get a domain name from a domain registrar like GoDaddy. The hosting company that people use to make a website for you gives a free site when registering. So, if you don’t currently have a domain name you could take benefit of the free offer. If you already own your own domains and would like us just to create your website that’s easily done as well.

  1. Classroom Library Book Sampler
  2. Publish a playbook for all those marketing and creative functions that state brand tone of voice and guidelines
  3. Copy your TA partition backup to the rootkernel folder
  4. Easy to update by yourself without delays or added cost
  5. Support and maintenance services

We can let you know how to point your domain name at the site. Your website name is important. We’ll need to find out what domain name you would like to use before we begin to make a website and if you would like to use the FREE domain name option that’s included with the hosting service we recommend.

We can also use a website name you already own, or sign-up a new website with an area registrar of your choice. 1 Will people keep in mind it? Catchy short domain names are a lot simpler to remember. If its too long, spelled in a funny way, has hyphens between the words, uses numbers of letters instead, may make it harder for individuals to keep in mind. 2 Is it brandable? In other words: Relevant.