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The reason for this study was to look at and describe the factors that influence an undergraduate music education majors investment in instrumental techniques classes. Research questions focused on the relationship between undergraduates and their peers, prior knowledge and connection with the individual’s in and the cognitive development as well as psycho-social development of the undergraduates.

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  • Rick Ross – $40k+
  • IAS 39 applies to lease payables with regards to the derecognition provisions
  • Cost = $80; Selling price = $200
  • Verify mandatory input parameters

SATS was also the counter I found in my maiden experiment with leverage (see section on “Leverage” below). I sold my entire stake in Yeo Hiap Seng at a 25% reduction. Because of position sizing, the impact was minimal. A couple of two lessons from this episode. First, blanket claims such as “consumer staples are defensive/recession-resistant” and “people need to consume and drink” have to be experienced. Consumer staples have to be evaluated both quantitatively (development in their various metrics) and qualitatively (are their products relevant to the present-day day consumer, etc) against one another to recognize the better performing ones.

Second, I purchased Yeo Hiap Seng as a consumer staples stock. That was my somewhat flimsy investment thesis. Subsequently, I learned of Yeo Hiap Seng’s freehold properties and, gradually, engaged in mental gymnastics to support “asset play” as part of my investment thesis. I have been aware of this for a relatively good right time, but it isn’t until recently that I acted onto it. I initiated a fresh small position in DBS to get additional exposure to the financial sector. I have already been avoiding the financial sector for doubts that they will be hit the hardest in the market crash.