In My Sustainable Landscape Practice Class

In my Sustainable Landscape Practice course, we are studying Permeable Pavers. This project I decided to review was the use of Permeable Pavers at a commercial store, Diamond Vogel Paints in Duluth, Minnesota. Permeable Paving is a sustainable technique of paving with a base and sub-base that permit the filtering of surprise water through the surface, which reduces surface runoff.

This paving technique effectively traps and suspends solids while filtering contaminants from water. While Permeable Pavers can be utilized in many applications, this commercial store used Permeable Pavers for his or her parking lot. In this particular example, today the papers at Diamond Vogel Paints were installed in 2003 and are still in use.

The motivation because of this project originated from local rules. This parking great deal comes with an Impervious Surface Limit due to its location within the Lake Superior Coastal Zone. The current supervisor of Diamond Vogel Paints, Paul Reinier, says that the Permeable Pavers cost about three times as much as a regular car parking lot, however the environmental benefits are much greater than that of a regular parking lot.

Reinier also says that the players have organized well and proved to be a successful way of dealing with storm water runoff. These Permeable Pavers filtering the water, collect it in an underdrain, and lead the water to a grassy area before entering the surprise sewer. Due to the paper’s strength and success, this business could be an example for other local businesses who are contemplating installing permeable pavers.

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Permeable Pavers reduces runoff because they permit the movement of surprise water through the surface. Permeable Pavers traps suspended solids and filter systems pollutants from the water effectively. Permeable pavements may give urban trees the rooting space they have to grow to a full and healthy size because a ‘structural-soil’ pavement base can be utilized.

The ‘structural garden soil’ combines structural aggregate with soil; a porous surface that allows drinking water and air to the rooting zone. However, in this example, there are no trees in the parking lot, but that option could have been available. Permeable Pavers can be indistinguishable from regular papers; however, they can be very attractive and make a regular parking many more visually appealing. Aside of the environmental purposes, these permeable pavers provide as a commercial car parking lot. The pages function in different ways than regular paving by filtering and moving storm drinking water out of the parking lot. This parking lot will not donate to the flooding that might occur in the coastal area because the papers redirect water to the storm sewer.