A vacation home is a big investment, so that it only is practical to use every precaution to preserve it through the wintertime. During the winter months, your vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks probably isn’t going to get much use and for that reason, you will have to winterize it for while you’re away. When winterizing your home, the accepted place to start is outside. You intend to prevent any harm to the outside of your house to keep it from affecting the inside of your home.

Clear all gutters so that rainwater, melting snow, and ice can flow away from your home rather than form ice dams successfully, which can result in leaks inside your home. Trim trees and shrubs and remove useless branches around your home to prevent property-damaging breaks triggered by the weight and power of winter winds, snow, and ice.

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Protect your outdoor furniture, cooking food appliances, and recreational gear by storing them away or protecting them with weather-proof addresses. Keep pest from seeking warmth in your home by covering chimneys with screening and blocking any possible entries in the foundation or about the eaves. Failing to winterize the plumbing related in your vacation home may lead to extensive damage while you’re away.

Open all water faucets and valves inside your home to allow drinking water drain from the pipes. Turn off the main water shut down valve in the home. Wrap all external pipes as well as pipes in unheated regions of your vacation home with polyurethane or fiberglass tube insulation. Use aerosol foam insulation to fill in the gaps around outdoor spigots. Switch off or remove any back again circulation avoidance devices from your faucets before insulating them. Disconnect and drain your washing machine hoses, ice maker waterline and dishwasher’s supply and drain lines. Switch off the hot water heater and drain the water from the container.

Drain water from spray accessories at the sinks and from the handheld shower mind hoses. Flush your toilet and remove any extra drinking water from the tanks and bowls with an old towel. Pour one cup of antifreeze into the bathroom bowls and an additional cup down the overflow pipe in the toilet tanks. In addition to making sure your pipes aren’t heading to freeze on those cold winter nights, there are a few other items which should be dealt with inside your home. All electrical components in your vacation home should be turned off, apart from such necessities as the heat, security system and outdoor lighting.

Use carefully marked breakers in your home’s circuit box as helpful information. Unplug all home appliances from the outlets. Adjust the heat to a minimum of 55 degrees to maintain proper interior moisture and prevent the introduction of molds and mildew. Open all cabinets where plumbing exists. Make certain the smoke, open fire, and carbon monoxide alarms in your holiday home are in working order. Make sure there is ample insulation in the attic, basement, and crawl spaces.

This will also help to keep your pipes from freezing. Empty and defrost the refrigerator, departing the door and the unit unplugged ajar. Discard any food, medications, or toiletries comprising liquids that could freeze. Seal air leaks that allow cold air into the home, paying special focus on door frames and window sills. Switch off the pilot lights on stoves and fireplaces and switch off the gas. Also look for possible gas leaks.

Not many of these items may be appropriate in your situation. If you intend to have guests heading and coming throughout the winter, you may want to leave the water heater full of water and the refrigerator plugged in. Among the advantages of having your Lake of the Ozarks vacation home on our rental program is that you have someone keeping an eye on your house all year round. When the guest checks out through the winter months, we ensure that you turn the water off and turn the heat down to 55 for you. We also have maintenance people on staff to look after any conditions that may arise during the cold winter season. Now could be the right time to get everything set up for the 2016 summer season!

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