My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

I was able to upgrade my ticker yesterday but never got around to actually posting an entrance. I have 466 miles so far this year. As the halfway point of the entire year approaches I’m almost halfway to my goal. If I do not get 1000 kilometers in during 2012, I’ll get dreadful darn close. Personally I think good about that. Talking about tickers, some of my more observant readers may have pointed out that my weight loss ticker has not been updated in quite a while.

That is basically because I’m living in just a little place called ‘Denial’ and it is time to come clean. I haven’t up to date the ticker since April because all I’ve done since then is put on weight. I kept convinced that if I didn’t say anything, I’d lose the weight and revise the ticker.

  • Have a Protein Shake Before Bed
  • GMP – sibutramine
  • 3 Produce a Caloric Deficit to Lose Fat
  • Don’t eat even more than two pieces of bread each day, preferably protein loaf of bread toasted
  • 3 SIMPLE ACTIONS to Pan-Broil – Top Sirloin Steak
  • New Balance Run IQ

I alluded to the fact that my weight has gone up several times, but mainly I’ve just said nothing at all. The only person being harmed by this is me. I’m the one with few clothes that fit any more. I’m the main one seeking to camouflage the gain IRL by putting on girdles.

I know that I’m not trying to keep floppy pores and skin set up as was once the reason for wearing one. I’m aiming to smash my tummy down therefore I can zip the blasted skirt. I’m the one uncomfortable all day long with red marks on my skin at the end of your day.

Perhaps this denial is all part of the perfectionistic thinking that I’m fighting. I just didn’t care and attention to admit beat. This is the most irritating part of all of the. The weight gain was not from pigging from cake and ice cream. Personally I think like I’m still battling daily.

I can’t seem to get the right plan. Sparkpeople did not work because monitoring drove me nut products just. I make so many meals from scratch than from the prepared items listed rather, I never felt like I had been getting a precise picture anyway. I’ve considered weight watchers but I fear I’d have the same problem.

Even though I am an accountant and monitor money all day long, I hate tracking food! It seems like it should be easy in the summer time to consume well. Every one of the fresh produce all over the place just ready for the taking. Our little backyard garden does well regardless of the heat and insufficient rain. I have an uncle that sends me nice vegetables from his much larger garden.