The HIGH GRADE Project: Trip Report: Dubai

When I was taking a look at hotels close to the airport, that one had one of the more fair prices and not-so-bad reviews (yep, slim pickins). I knew I was getting in late and I wasn’t really thinking about doing any discovering so all I must say I needed was a clean and good place to stay at for the night.

For the most part. Let me say that first, like most airport hotels, that one acquired a free of charge shuttle and it runs every 30 minutes also. The drive from the airport to the hotel was around 10 minutes. Being the only one found from the airport terminal and checking-in at the lobby, I had been promptly prepared by the lone Front Desk agent. Everything was done and I used to be off to my room very quickly.

The room was a good size. Although everything seemed good on the top (figuratively), the problem about cleanliness only became apparent upon closer inspection. In the dusty tops Aside, I actually found small strands of hair on the sheets (underneath the covers) and some of the pillowcases. It sensed as though someone just completed lounging in my bed and set it later on to make it look like the bed was newly made and clean. Unfortunately, I never really uncovered this until I uncovered the bed to sleep that night.

Anthony Melchiorri will not approve. As for the bathroom, it was on a small aspect. I’m not kidding when I say that the strands of locks also found their way to the towels. Other than that, when you can still manage to comfortably stay static in that room, everything else was fine. Seriously, though, I wouldn’t have any major issues if the bed sheets and towels weren’t hair-ridden. I believe that, could it be. There is nothing really in the immediate section of the hotel.

There’s a strip mall that I attemptedto walk to to get supper but I determined against it after a few momemts — not seeing a lot of people walking around the area. When you have a motor car, though, I’m sure you can bypass and go somewhere. I don’t even want to think about staying here next time. Hehe. It’s just, kind of, gross if you think about the locks situation.

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