The Women’s Organisation

Nicole is the girl to visit if you would like to discuss events. With over 5 solid years working on events and festivals across the populous city before setting up her own business, Zest, she actually is known by her stuff as it pertains to putting on fantastic occasions. Nicole says; ‘My background is project Zest and management can be an occasion’s consultancy business. I provide a raft of services which range from giving advice over managing projects to the actual delivery of events; whatever level of support you are looking for, really! ‘ Among Zest’s primary values are opening good communication stations and allowing her clients to be as little or as much involved as they want.

As Nicole understands well; ‘You may have organised a fabulous event but won’t be able to enjoy it completely because you always have to have your eye on the ball. Prior to establishing Zest in April 2014, Nicole proved helpful for Orb Events managing a range of interesting projects. Over the last couple of years, Nicole spent some time working as a project manager for local occasions, different companies and community arts charities.

Thus, she shaped associations with numerous organizations, 12 months creating a great network that supported her when she launched Zest last. One of these organizations was ourselves: Nicole had known about The Women’s Organization for a couple of years, having attended our events including our launch of our building of 54 St James Street. Nicole says; ‘When I began up Zest, I was looking for professional advice and contacted The Women’s Organization.

I was devoted touch with one of the Senior Business Advisers, John Jones. One of the great things about working with John is that he asks me tactical questions about my business, which makes me stop and think. Once you sit back and talk to someone, you can look at your business from the outside, which has been useful really!

With experience in business development when she was setting up Zest, Nicole operates her business herself with an accountant on “stand-by” for challenging questions and the annual return. As well as operating and planning events, Nicole is teaching a new course at 54 St James Street to talk about her knowledge about events! You can contact her for more information using the details below or sign up for a location on the course on September 24th here!

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