Top 10 Reasons You Should Stop Watching TV

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This differs across TV systems of course – some stations have better content than others. My responses are in reference to mainstream channels/show. You see people getting frightened, terrified, forcing themselves through the stunts for the award money. I’ve only viewed an event where individuals were asked to consume a pie of worms, and I can’t say it’s inspiring stuff. I’ve found out about other shows from friends and they didn’t seem to be done in good taste either. Extreme Makeover, a plastic surgery fact show that does “extreme makeovers” for individuals.

Participants are folks who are unhappy because of their looks. They are given extreme makeovers that include surgery, after which they are been shown to be happy and confident. It somehow drives an underlying message to use surgery as a solution for low self-esteem. Joe Millionaire, a Bachelor-like show predicated on a ruse.

Contestants contend to win the heart of a guy (Joe), thinking he could be a millionaire when he’s not. Throughout the show, he lives on the facade of wealth and luxury and the contestants are led to believe so, until the finale where the truth is uncovered and the final contestant has to offer with the revelation.

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I don’t start to see the point behind the ruse. It seemed more of stage antics to attract viewers with no meaningful intent behind it at all. That said, there are several shows that have positive influences. For example, I enjoyed the earlier months of America’s Next Top Model once I was a teenager (despite it being an apparently superficial show since it’s about modeling) as Tyra Banks, the maker, drove empowering messages via the show.

She would point out the need for inner and outer beauty, a relaxing reminder in our image-centered world today. She would welcome plus-sized models and shorter-than-average models also, making a statement against the style industry’s narrow definition of beauty in the form of rail-thin and tall frames. I also liked the earlier seasons from the Apprentice when I was youthful (regardless of the over-emphasis on the theater and finger-pointing at times), due to the few insights I’d gained on project management and managing people in each show. Oprah, Ellen, and Tyra’s Show too are empowering shows, based on the few shows I’ve caught on / off. Here’s one of the ways you may use to find out if something is consciousness raising.

Get a sense of how you are feeling first before watching the show. Then when you are viewing the show, take a moment to evaluate how you feel. How are you feeling? What exactly are you thinking? What do you feel like doing? Do you feel charged up to do this?