Wait For The Update To Complete

This article acts as helpful information for an individual of a just-installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 PC or notebook to set up the system properly. It is applicable to both 32-bit and 64-bit system. After the installing Ubuntu has been completed and the machine boots up for the first time, the user will be presented with the login display. Log into the operational system using the username and password specified through the install process and, if successful, the user shall be offered the Unity desktop as shown below.

Click on almost everything on the launcher to dismiss the keyboard shortcut pop-up windows. Now it’s time to carry out the post-install set up of the machine. The establishing will vary according to individual preferences – you do not have to follow all the steps outlined in this specific article. Simply view this article as helpful information to setting up the operational system after setting up.

Keep this at heart – there is no “perfect desktop” for everyone – each desktop varies according to the taste of the individual using the machine. You can find, however, some things that require to be carried out by everyone after set up – for example, updating the program on the functional system – the first task the following. If the user is connected to the web and if there are any updates available, a notification can look after a while in the launcher as shown in the figure below (as indicated by an arrow in the figure). If the cursor is moved onto that on the launcher, the tooltip will read “Software Updater”.

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  • It bolsters numerous directories like Oracle, MySQL, and numerous others
  • Illogical structure of the administrative -panel
  • BIOS: Make sure that the BIOS is set up to boot when power resumes
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Click on the updater program launcher and the next window will pop-up. Then click on the “Install Now” button and the updating process begins and the user will then be prompted to get into the security password for authentication. Enter the password and then click on the “Authenticate” button. The upgrade process will start installing all the updates from the server (as shown in the shape below) and then install them. Wait for the update to complete.

Once completed, the software updater will automatically display a notice that the machine is up to date if a system restart is not needed. Sign in again and the user will be at the Unity desktop once again. Canonical has done a lot to improve the Ubuntu desktop. However, the writer feels that there are 3 major ‘improvements’ that will not be missed if they were removed or addressed.

Whenever you seek out a credit card application or file on your computer in the dash, your search is delivered to Canonical’s machines. They forward your demand to Amazon and displays you the Amazon user’s. If you click an Amazon hyperlink to be able to buy anything, Canonical gets a percentage. A majority of Ubuntu users (like the author) does not such as this feature and almost the very first thing they actually is to disable it.