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Born June 7, 1927, in Coudersport, he was the kid of Arthur W. and Helen Welfling DuBois and the grandson of William and Nellie Olmstead Charles and DuBois and Emma Kortz Welfling. On June 26, 1965, in Waverly, NY, he married the former Phyllis D. Wright, who survives. A graduate of the Coudersport Public Schools, he served honorably with the U.S.

Navy by the end of World War II, discharged as an Aviation Electronics Technician’s Mate Third Class. He earned a BA in Mathematics and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University, and he was elected to the Phi Etta Sigma, Eta Kappa Phi, and Nu Beta Kappa honorary societies.

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He just completed graduate work at Syracuse University; was graduated from the Bell Telephone Laboratories Communications Development Training Program; attended Commanders’ Radar Bombing School at Mather Air Force Base;, and attended ECM Familiarization School at Keesler Air Force Base. From 1951 through 1954, Mr. DuBois was utilized by Bell Telephone Laboratories as a member of the technical staff participating in the introduction of radar for proper and technical plane.

In 1955 through 1957, he was vice president of Coudersport Insuring Company, a business owned by his family. Mr. DuBois started his 25-yr career with IBM’s Federal Systems Division in 1957. There he kept various personnel and managerial positions related to the development of avionics for proper airplanes; digital sonar; marketing communications equipment;, and electronic warfare systems.

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