Life In A Small Town

Up in Minnesota. The town we are near is super small. 1300 people. Of the year It’s in a remote area of the US where it is cold most. There also isn’t a lot of big financial opportunity. A lot of that is because of nationwide or state policy.

Hard to execute a lot if you are ambitious. A lot of policies that people appear to like or want in big cities don’t work in small towns. Raising the gas taxes is one of these. Hard to reside in a small town without a motor car. Putting in public transportation is out of the question and buttoning a shirt everywhere has gone out of the question too. 15 is a negative idea for anywhere but it’s especially bad in small-town America.

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Businesses won’t be able to afford to employ people so they’ll simply do less, or walk out business. In my home state of Illinois, procedures from Springfield that emanate out of the House of Representatives are killing small towns throughout the condition. Ambition drives away a lot of individuals from small towns all across America to bigger cities.

When young people ask me about becoming an investment banker, I usually inform them if they want to be an investment banker they ought to seriously think about spending the first couple of years of their career in NYC. If they want to be a VC, or a VC attorney Silicon Valley is probably the place you ought to go. Those things can change of course and their generalizations, but it’s a great deal harder to implement on those sorts of occupations in small towns.

I watched this clip on 60 Minutes with interest. As a person that has involved in some grouped community building in places that VCs don’t really focus on, I get it. I don’t agree with everything in the clip, but I trust many points they bring up. People are not liabilities to be warehoused. They are the property to be nourished.

Private attempts are much better as of this than publicly funded ones. One of the key things that any startup investment in small cities will have to determine is network. How do that coach is brought by you network? How do you make it available and tactile? It’s not the money that makes the Valley great just. Small town life is very different. For instance, Sundays in our town 2/3rds of the grocery stores are shut.

Pharmacies close. The vet is closed on Sunday and Monday. There just isn’t enough business. Getting tradespeople to work on your property can be very difficult. There may be long waits and many of the projects you need done aren’t ready to wait that long. Many businesses import labor from other countries for the growing season just. See your face behind the counter might just as likely be from Asia or Eastern Europe because they are from the town you are in.

Businesses like Amazon can be lifesavers for people in small cities. The closest Home Depot to our town is 2.5 hours away. It gives them cheap usage of lots of goods that they might not be able to get at an economical price normally. Businesses in small cities can get confusing.