The Pub: A P2tM RP Group (Grand Reopening!)

The first Hero became known to the public after several criminals hijacked an armored semi and initiated a high-speed run after. It was as the pickup truck approached a law enforcement roadblock that he strolled into the street, an unassuming man hidden behind a faded green hoodie, with an open reserve in headphones and hands atop his mind.

Oblivious. Distracted Seemingly. He turned on the oncoming semi, long golden hair escaping the confines of his hood as he did so; he stuck out a single arm. Everyone viewing expected the person to be impressed such as a rag doll, but that didn’t happen. His large framework stood firm just like a hill, the cab of the semi crumpled around the man’s arm like hammer stunning moist clay.

He disengaged himself and strolled away, everyone too flabbergasted at what that they had witnessed to go or run after him. That man was Robert MacIntyre, later known as Mr. Invincible. Following an interview, and the revelation of his identity, others who acquired powers, who be called Meta, surfaced from hiding. Just as Heroes with powers emerged so did those who committed crimes with their capabilities too.

Over the next 14 years a status quo was held, Heroes would stop the crimes that the Villains would commit. That position quo has begun to get rid of Now. Six months ago Mr. Invincible and a villain many would call his rival, Mr Omnifarous, battled one another. They never resurfaced following this encounter.

  • 2 c water, 2 c sugar1 T either rose water or orange blossom water
  • Jim Backus
  • Mix the turmeric powder with gram flour. To this, add enough dairy or drinking water for make a paste
  • Water is the Best Elixir
  • You Cut Out All Fat FROM YOUR OWN Diet
  • 2% Hydroquinone
  • Vanilla Extract (food grade)
  • What is Airbrush Makeup

No physiques were found, nor any sign of Robert MacIntyre or Cameron Williams as both metals was known in civilian life. But things are going to change. OOC and IC. Emergence is a basic Sandbox RP set in San Francisco; your characters can do what they want within reason however they may draw heat on themselves for their actions. Your character can be considered a Hero, Villain, or an Unaffiliated Meta with a number of factions. I’d like to see interesting well-balanced personas, and although I actually do not want to see Superman-esque personas you can have powerful characters so long as they have proportionate weaknesses.

Balancing does not just refer to powers but your individual’s equipment as well, as such unless specified I will presume that any and all equipment are with this character anytime. The portrayed phrase of OP is legislation. The word of Co-OP(s) is law unless mentioned otherwise. No Godmoding, Metagaming, Flaming, etc.

Rating PG-13. There is some leeway but site rules must be preserved. Three strikes and you’re out. Additionally, inactive character types will be removed. Immortal characters will be allowed within reason. Some exceptions may apply. Furthermore, backstory must be detailed. Keep OOC conversation/topics separate from IC. Be respectful in OOC. No one-liners. Due try for appropriate sentence structure but this will not be held against writers.

Three to five individuals maximum unless mentioned otherwise. Characters must be one of the posted races unless mentioned otherwise. In general, no magic or supernatural power unless sufficiently explained. Example: super-strength and superhuman strength is okay but super-strength, and shapeshifting is not. Traveling, expos (knockoffs), or trans-dimensional people/abilities. In general, no eliminating PC’s without authorization from both parties; generic NPC’s can be wiped out.

If unsure then ask. These guidelines are not occurring stone and may change if not be refined over time. Be descriptive; include outfit if relevant. What the character is wearing them at any give time; details can be detailed in parentheses somewhat. Today Why are them who they are. He could be around 431 years, give, or take. He appears younger however. He stands at over 5 feet just, standing at 5 feet 2 inches. His epidermis has many pale scars entirely on it, edge wounds, bullet wounds a good few marks where stitches or sutures had been used.

Edo period by Samurai and Couriers, though Nobu makes his own. Foremost and First, Nobuatsu is an honorable man, he lives by a set of rules many wouldn’t normally understand. He is tolerable, and patient, but ruthless, if you were all the chances he gives you he will cut you down if necessary.