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Hyperion Planning Plus is a centralized, Microsoft Web and Excel- centered planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes. Hyperion Planning Plus has an in-depth look at business operations as well as impact on financials by tightly integrating financial and operational planning models. With Hyperion Planning Plus, you can meet your immediate financial planning needs while enabling a system for future mix functional enlargement and automated process integration.

The sheer range of the Disney brand cannot have escaped any one’s attention however the strong program of sustainability that has been more prominent in Disney’s profile might not be quite as well recognized. Having revisited a Disney survey after some full years of not checking out in, I was pleasantly surprised. There’s structure. There’s a commitment. Which legacy of constantly improving positive impact. I love this statement and yes, I had been inspired. The CFO presents Disney’s record.

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While I like the very thought of the CFO being engaged enough (most aren’t) to lead the charge, I wonder what happened to the CEO. In prior Disney reports, there’s been both a CFO and CEO introductory message. This season Maybe the CEO was too busy. Disney sets out the Citizenship Framework in ways which doubles up as a content index and almost a materiality map. Inspiring Others as the core-business-value proposition for making the world a much better place (doing the right things) and Act Responsibly for operating the business (doing things right).

It’s the chance and risk of sustainability. Disney explains they are en route to G4 and be prepared to carry out a materiality process and define new-associated multi-year targets with the next report. In this record, however, stakeholder engagement gets good coverage, with a consultation group convened by Ceres. Stakeholder opinions are presented, accompanied by Disney’s response to each concern and an action plan. The responses are tangible and includes real challenges for Disney.

A performance summary against targets and a data table completes the first section of the report that sets the picture for the two-pronged strategy areas, with each explaining progress made and specific performance against targets. Infographics plus some spectacular photos bring the narrative alive. It attacks me as an authentic survey, built on a solid strategic base.

Grupo Exito is a significant retailer operating in Colombia with 537 stores (and Uruguay with 54 stores) and is using 41,000 people. There are some fantastic reports appearing out of Colombia but very very few can be purchased in British amazingly. Grupo Exito is one of them and one that demonstrate AIM reporting rather well also. Although there is absolutely no specific list of material impacts, Grupo Exito has a well-embedded method of sustainability centering around five main pillars that are dealt with in turn in the torso of the report.

I like a report which includes the Board of Directors. So many Boards sideline themselves when it comes to sustainability reporting. At Grupo Exito Here, there’s nowhere to hide. Following the up-front formalities, Grupo Exito takes us through each of the strategic elements highlighting impacts and performance. In each section, there can be an infographic with key numbers and highlights. In fact, one of the nice things about Grupo Exito’s report is the use of data throughout the are accountable to support lots of the initiatives and performance elements described.

It’s a highlights-style statement – no long narratives, mainly brief pictures of types of practice, to support amounts. Friendly and multi-colored graphics get this to an accessible and attractive statement. The matter that is lacking in Grupo Exito’s report that would help make it a more robust statement of ongoing commitment is goals and targets. The key areas for action are described, the direction seems clear but the goals aren’t stated.

Something to think about in future reviews. Hang Lung Properties is a real estate designer in Hong Kong, and mainland China, building, handling and buying building complexes in major metropolitan areas. Hang Lung has a workforce of 4,500 employees. Who says sustainability has to be boring? Some of the best reports around are the ones that use creative design make the narrative great fun to read. Yes, sustainability reviews can be fun.

Producing a great sustainability survey says a great deal about the area that sustainability has in the organization image and culture. Fun reviews don’t just happen. They have to be conceptualized, developed, and supported by the management of the business. It’s my wager that corporate leadership is more engaged, corporate culture is more empowered and open, and innovation is more effectively rewarded in a company whose sustainability report is FUN.