First Investor Group Boosts Hotel Portfolio With Purchase Of Carlton Downtown Hotel In Dubai

Expanding its footprint in the hospitality sector, Dubai-based The First Investor group, a subsidiary of Al Fardan Group, announced the purchase of the Carlton Downtown hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. Formerly the Warwick Hotel, it’s the third hotel to be controlled by Carlton Hotel Management – a brand name owned by First Investor, and the ninth in the group’s assortment of hotels. Commenting on the proper investment, Mr Hosni Abdelhadi CEO of Carlton Hotel Management company mentioned, “The Carlton Downtown hotel can be an exciting addition to our portfolio of hotels once we continue to broaden our presence in your community.

Our strategy is to purchase high-growth markets such as Dubai and this fantastic acquisition will reinforce our market position. Brilliantly situated in close proximity to the World Trade Center, DIFC, and Downtown Dubai, the 47-storey magnificent tower features 357 rooms (275 suites and 82 spacious rooms). Contained in the hotel’s fantastic facilities are 7 pubs, and restaurants, 10 meeting rooms, an ongoing health club and spa.

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Carlton Downtown hotel is also home to Dubai’s highest open-air rooftop pool and bar with magnificent 360º views over the city. With a strong existence in real property, hospitality, shipping, finance, retail, security, IT, food, and beverage industries, The First Investor has a diverse collection. During the last few years the company has emerged as a significant player in the hospitality sector with a total investment of over AED 2.2 billion in various hotel tasks.

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