The Legislation Vetoed By Gov

Gov. This year by the legislature Mike Pence only vetoed three bills sent to him. One particular dealt with an area tax collected by Jackson and Pulaski Counties. Both counties had imposed an area income tax to fund jail construction bonds, but the authorization for those local income taxes had expired.

The legislation vetoed by Gov. Pence would have legalized fees already collected by the affected counties by causing the extension of the tax authorizations retroactive. Senate President Pro Tempore David Long and House Speaker Brian Bosma are so concerned by the negative impact triggered by that veto they have scheduled a particular session for June 12 to consider an override of the veto.

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Long noted it might be extremely difficult for the counties to refund the excess income tax series in any well-timed way. Long also said the state’s relationship ranking could suffer if the counties default on loan obligations. Approval by a simple majority in both chambers is required to override the governor’s veto and enact the measure into rules. The legislation was at first passed 98-0 in the House and 48-1 by the Senate.

It was one of three actions vetoed by the first-year governor. He also declined proposals to require state licensing of anesthesiologist assistants and diabetes teachers along with condition qualification of dietitians and music therapists. Regardless of the Republican-dominated majorities that approved Senate Enrolled Act 273 and House Enrolled Act 1242, Pence said he feels the continuing state ought to have fewer professional licenses, not more.

Bosma and Long said those vetoes will not be on the June 12 legislative plan but will be looked at in the normal span of business next calendar year. As this website has complained, Gov. Pence signed the two worst expenses of the legislative session, both of which flew when confronted with everything he has preached as a conservative for days gone by several years. 100 million taxpayer bailout bill for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which includes a new ticket tax.

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