James Argent Smiles As He Arrives For Filming For Celebs WITHIN THE Farm

His friends are reported to be concerned about his health after he allegedly tested positive for cocaine use in recent weeks. The smiling star emerged from his hotel sporting a cheeky grin and opted for a patterned, teal short sleeved tee shirt, beige chinos, and dark brown loafers for the occasion. Shameless actress Tina was picturing pausing to have a quick cigarette outside, before touching up her make-up.

Don’t make that mistake! Celebs OVER THE Farm will see eight contestants spend ten times mucking out on a farm and maintaining the animals in an attempt to become ‘Supreme Farming Champion’ and is likely to air come early July. However, their first day of filming comes less than a week after The Sun reported that James would no more be filming for TOWIE after faltering a drug test.

The publication reported that James was released from the program as a result. A source said: ‘It’s a pity but James’ problems flared up again, and he failed a routine test. As a complete result Lime Pictures isn’t dealing with him, and they have sparked more concerns among his friends who fear he isn’t caring for himself.

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His weight has rocketed recently which he says he plans to tackle but getting back involved with drugs is even worse. The paper also reported that James voluntarily decided to the routine test before he returned to filming because of concerns over his previous problems with drugs and alcohol. The foundation added that the creation staff of TOWIE are extremely keen on him and hope he can get over his issues. MailOnline has approached reps for Adam and TOWIE for further comment. And the alleged coke shame scandal isn’t the only thing troubling the star either after he was advised to lose 10 stone and 17 inches off his waist after admitting he is ‘on death row’ after gaining weight. Throughout a recent appearance with this Morning, James spoke about his weight, saying he feels he replaces substance abuse with food. I’m acting from food probably.

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